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Professional temporary support 

Arson, burglary, ram smash, violent crime, activist attack, terrorist attack, threat to your board or employees. These things often happen at a time when you don't expect it. The first reaction is often picked up by the external emergency services such as the police, ambulance or fire brigade. They will also quickly leave the location for the next incident elsewhere. You and your organisation are then often literally left behind in misery.

Quick Response Team

IPSU's QRT is on standby 24/7 and can immediately take the appropriate measures on site to ensure that no further damage can be caused, your property is guarded and the press or public is kept at an appropriate distance. You can then calmly focus on establishing and possibly repairing the damage and ensuring the continuity of your company, location, institution or organisation. The QRT can offer you and your organisation the right support during the most diverse calamities and crisis situations, both at home and abroad.

This specialised team can be deployed for ad hoc security purposes, among other things:

government agencies
crime scenes after police intervention
business properties
private houses
media settings
high risk temporary events
investigation into causes of incidents

Ad-Hoc crisis manager from partner Omnirisk

In the event of a crisis, we can provide an ad hoc crisis manager to provide professional support for you and your organisation. Especially if there is no experience with acting in crisis situations on your part and on the part of your daily management, you can call upon the joint services of Omnirisk and IPSU (both part of ISEG). We have experienced crisis managers who have been active in the business world as well as in the government and both at home and abroad.

More information

For more information, references or questions regarding the IPSU Quick Response Team or ad hoc crisis management of partner Omnirisk, please fill in the contact form below.