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A close protection officer or surveillance expert is a person who takes care of the security of another person or persons who are confronted with an indirect or direct threat and therefore no longer feel safe. Think for example of a threat, extortion, blackmail or stalking. His or her most important task is to protect that other person, usually a famous or important person such as a politician, a wealthy person or the management of a company.


Choosing to use close protection can have a significant impact on your daily life and that of your immediate environment. It is therefore important that you choose an organisation that is aware of this and takes it into account continuously throughout the process.

Extensive (international) experience

IPSU's close protection officers and preventive observers come from specialised departments of the police (Royal and Diplomatic Security Service), the Ministry of Justice and Security or the Ministry of Defence. They have extensive operational experience (both nationally and internationally) within this specialist segment of security. In addition, they are extremely representative, honest, proactive and at least bilingual. They can offer you, your family and your organisation both eye-catching and unobtrusive support and can be used to protect, for example:

  • (wealthy) individuals
  • politicians
  • officials
  • family members
  • companies
  • organisations
  • VIPs

More information

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