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A high level of security awareness and hospitality

Hospitality and proactive security are terms often used within the security and facilities sector. IPSU's security officers know better than anyone how to perfectly combine these two important elements. One cannot do without the other. Provided it is carried out properly, this combination ensures a high level of security awareness without you, your employees or your guests experiencing this as negative.

A friendly welcome and departure

Thanks to the commitment of our proactive and hospitable security officers both your guests and your staff can count on a safe, hospitable and friendly welcome or departure at all times. The security of objects, office buildings and locations is people work and therefore customized with the right expertise.

Our security officers:

  • among other things, take care of proactive access control
  • take care of the opening, fire and closing rounds of your building or location on a daily basis.
  • have excellent communication and social skills
  • are at least bilingual (Dutch/English)
  • are proactive and solution-oriented
  • are multi-purpose and can also be used, for example, at the reception desk
  • are in possession of at least a FAFS diploma
  • have been trained in the field of predictive profiling and hold a valid certificate
  • are able to act at any level and thus offer that indispensable support to facility management on a daily basis.
  • are provided with high quality and custom-made workwear

More information

For more information, references or questions regarding the security of offices, properties and locations, please fill in the contact form below.