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IPSU officially part of International Security Expert Group

Published: 20-03-2020

OMNIRISK and IPSU have combined their extensive knowledge, expertise and (inter)national networks in ISEG.

Announcing the creation of the INTERNATIONAL SECURITY EXPERT GROUP (hereinafter ISEG)

OMNIRISK and IPSU have merged their extensive knowledge, expertise and (inter)national networks into ISEG.

Our mission:

Our focus on safety is always aimed to achieve the best results for our clients. We do this by making your problem our problem. We will always give more than 100% effort to solve a problem satisfactorily.

Our vision:

Providing a high-quality form of security, as a product or service, is only possible if it is tailor-made based on the needs and according to the demands and wishes of the customer. This applies to every area within the security domain anywhere in the world.

Dedicated to achieving results for our clients and always being responsive to their needs, quality and dedication are at the heart of our company's core values. These principles are the underpinning of our services and complement our expertise, thorough knowledge and skills, both at the strategic and operational level.

To guarantee this quality, we founded the International Security Expert Group (ISEG).

ISEG can deliver bespoke solutions for each customer, both in the public or the private domain and for any kind of security problem. In addition, we provide advice to organizations and train staff in how to proactively recognize possible threats, known and unknown, before they become problems, issues or worse, security incidents.  

Security requires a particular mindset. Security professionals -- at least the good ones -- see the world differently. ISEG is leading in this discipline when it comes to finding unconventional solutions for conventional problems:

  • because we work from a different mindset than the usual approaches found within safety and security businesses;
  • because we think in terms of all threats and security vulnerabilities that can become a serious problem for the customer instead of only focusing on risks-based situations based on passed incidents;
  • because we can crawl into the opponent's skin and approach the threat from the intention, capacity and motivation of your creative and highly motivated opponent or opponents, and thereby demonstrate how existing security might fail or be made to fail, and or how those failures might be exploited with all consequences entails;
  • because we have relevant and in-depth knowledge and expertise within the world of security and safety and work to continuously develop that knowledge through research and knowledge sharing;
  • because we work from an intelligence led security- and safety methodology based upon the analyses of all relevant intelligence that is available;
  • because we have linked our own expertise with the knowledge and expertise of our large international network and work in collaboration with associated partners of the highest level.

This approach makes ISEG unique within the existing security world and firmly establishes how we can support you from any angle, related to security, safety and investigation, and if needed, as well as in the field of special services. In a constantly changing society, with many new developments and even more new threats, our firm can support, guide and protect you, your company, or your organization, by applying the approach of proactive security with the goal to prevent incidents.

ISEG will always delivers tailor-made solutions based on the needs and within the capabilities of the client. And our support doesn’t stop after the delivery of a product or service. Aftercare is a fixed and integrated component of our vision on quality and services. For us you are no longer simply our client, but a valued partner within our network.

Soon our new website will be online, and we will personally inform you, our contacts and clients in our network via mail of this special merger with more specific details.

Dick Drent, Director Omnirisk and Benno Broeke, Director IPSU

Managing Partners ISEG