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IPSU guides students abroad for the third year in a row

Published: 20-03-2020

For the third year in a row this year, IPSU supervised groups of students during their study trips. This year, the students of a University of Applied Sciences from the Netherlands will again visit several European countries and cities. This year they visited Prague, Riga and Tallinn, among others.

Stress and frustration

Study trips and excursions can be quite intensive and stressful for teachers. Most incidents and calamities with students mainly take place during the night and this can result in unnecessary sleep deprivation, frustration and irritation for the responsible teachers.


Some students can cause a lot of nuisance, even causing possible damage to the hotel rooms. Damage for which the school is often held financially responsible by the management of the hotel. Another consequence of the nuisance in the hotel could be that the hotel does not want to receive the school in the future.

Professional support

IPSU's experienced supervisors offer a solution to this problem. Our supervisors provide general supervision in and around the hotel and are also the first point of contact for the students during the night. Of course, the supervisors do not act as police officers, but they do take de-escalating action if necessary, with the aim of maintaining general peace and quiet. Only if the de-escalating action turns out not to be sufficient, the responsible teachers will be contacted. 

Order and calm

Thanks to the efforts of our supervisors, the teachers' night-time rest is not unnecessarily disturbed, which in turn has a positive influence on the continuation of the study trip. Past experiences also show that the mere presence of good supervisors automatically ensures more order and quiet during the trip and in the hotel.


The supervisors also provide students and teachers with advice in the field of (travel) safety. It is important that they know the possible threats and risks of the country and city to be visited. Think for example of 'scams', pickpockets, 'snatch and grab', terrorism, drugs, etc. Each country has to deal with its own place and time bound threats and it is therefore good to know in advance what you might have to deal with.

Tasks and benefits

Possible tasks and responsibilities of the supervisors:

  • Preparing risk and threat analyses in advance for the country and city to be visited;
  • Supervising general order & safety during the stay in the hotel;
  • Giving advice in the field of health & (travel) safety to both teachers and students;
  • Acting as the first point of contact during the night;
  • Preventing damage and nuisance in, around and at the hotels.

Number of advantages of using our supervisors:

  • Teachers get their much-needed night's rest;
  • Teachers, students and hotel management have a fixed point of contact during the night;
  • It prevents the possibility of damage including additional compensation to and by the hotel;
  • In case of a next excursion or study trip, it is possible to book at the same hotel again.

For more information, possibilities or references regarding travel guidance, please contact Benno Broeke via +31 (0)6 - 52660162 or benno@ipsu.eu.