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IPSU B.V. sponsor and partner of the Stichting Veteranen Search Team

Published: 20-03-2020

Recently IPSU B.V. donated two Viloc GPS tracking systems, including annual subscriptions of Loqater, to the Stichting Veteranen Search Team. Thanks to these systems, members of the Veteran Search Team can use the accompanying app to remotely monitor their mobile objects and can immediately call in the recovery team in the event of theft. In addition, it is also possible to offer their properties extra protection by setting up a Geofence.

Track & Trace

In addition to offering the tracking systems, IPSU will also provide training in the field of situational awareness and proactive safety. These trainings will be provided on a voluntary basis by the Assosiate Director of IPSU and owner of Omnirisk, Dick Drent. 


In cooperation with the Stichting Veteranen Search Team, a reintegration program will also be set up for veterans who currently and due to various circumstances do not have the prospect of a job, for example because they do not have the right diplomas and/or certificates. IPSU will have non-binding discussions with veterans who are particularly interested in a position within the security sector. After this exploratory interview, a step-by-step plan will be jointly drawn up in which it is described which position is best suited, which training(s) and certificates are required for this, and with which security organisations they can best enter into an interview for a suitable position. IPSU makes its network available for both following the necessary training and courses and for finding suitable internships or applying for relevant vacancies within the security sector.

For more information about the Foundation Veteran Search Team see the link below: