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Course 'Stop the Bleeding' VU medical centre

Published: 20-03-2020

Last week the first group of colleagues followed the course 'Stop the Bleeding' which was given by our colleague Arjan de Koning. From now on, all our employees follow this course as standard in addition to, among other things, their BHV/AED course.

Lifesaving actions

We believe, for example, that every security and/or personal security officer should be able to carry out these life-saving actions at any time and under a variety of circumstances. In addition, they should, by default, have the right means at their disposal to be able to carry out these actions professionally and correctly.

Official certificate

Afterwards, each participant has received an official certificate from the VU Medical Centre that gives our security guards and personal protection officers both national and international coverage for the use of, for example, a CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet).

Follow a course yourself

Also interested to participate soon in the officially certified course 'Stop the Bleeding'? Then send a message to info@ipsu.eu.