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Clear and compact advice

IPSU's advisory services are designed to ensure that you receive the support you need to bring your organisation's security up to standard. We do this by understanding which threats and risks are specific to your industry and how they can be identified at an early stage, before they become an actual threat.

Tailor-made solutions

IPSU's advisors have been working in the security sector for many years, in the private sector, in the corporate sector as well as in the public and semi-public sector. This enables them to move around any form of organisation and quickly and skilfully identify visible, but above all invisible threats.


Our advisors specialise in pan-sectoral work and adapt seamlessly to the client's environment. You can come to us for advice in the field of safety in the broadest sense of the word.

Consultancy in the field of safety & security

  • organizational safety
  • structural safety
  • electronic security
  • mechanical safety
  • integral safety plans
  • security policy development
  • developing and drawing up safety plans
  • analyses and scans
  • threat assessment
  • risk analysis
  • quick security scan

Screening of personnel

  • pre-employment screening

Additional information

For more information, references or questions regarding security and safety advice, please fill in the contact form below.