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Foundation IPSU

IPSU was founded in 2016 by Benno Broeke with the aim of providing both the business and private markets with customized and high-quality security and safety services. We are able to achieve this thanks to IPSU's unique composition, internal expertise and years of operational experience within our versatile team of security experts. 

IPSU has recently become a member of the Vereniging Erkende Beveiligingsbedrijven (Association of Approved Security Companies) and has permission to carry out security work for the Ministry of Justice and Security under ND number: 5477.


Our focus on safety is always aimed at achieving the best result for our customers. We do this by making your problem our problem. We will always make more than 100% effort to solve a problem satisfactorily.


Offering a high-quality form of safety, as a product or service, is only possible if it is tailored to the needs and meets the requirements and wishes of the customer. This applies to every area within the security domain anywhere in the world. Dedicated to achieving results for our customers and always responding to their needs, delivering quality and our dedication are central to the core values of our company. These principles underpin our services and complement our expertise, sound knowledge and skills, both strategically and operationally.